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2018_0524 - MTGMIN5 - Webster County LEC - Citizens Committee

Webster County Justice Center - Mtg 5 - Option 3 & Budgets

Courthouse / Jail Survey Results

Webster County Justice Center Meeting #8 Agenda

Hospital Town Hall Meetings Information on Rebuilding

All meetings are from 7 – 9 PM 

May 10 – Red Cloud City Building 
May 11 – Guide Rock School Gym 
May 12 – Blue Hill Community Building 
May 13 – Bladen Fire Hall 


Taxes Due Dec 31
1st 1/2 Delinquent May 1
2nd 1/2 Delinquent Sept 1

Delinquent Taxes

Please call office prior to paying delinquent taxes as interest changes daily.  402-746-2877

Personal Property Schedules Due on or before May 1

New important information for 2016:  Personal property tax relief and (New) underground irrigation pipe.


Provides an exemption for the first $10,000.00 of value on a timely filed personal property return within each tax district in which a return is filed by a taxpayer.

On or before May 1 each year, taxpayers are required to file personal property returns with the county assessor.  This year, the county assessor will apply an exemption of up to $10,000.00 to each return timely filed. Failure to report tangible personal property on the personal property return will result in a forfeiture of the $10,000.00 exemption for any personal property not timely reported.  **You must return the personal property return signed and dated no later than May 1, 2016.  Schedules returned after May 1, WILL NOT RECEIVE the $10,000 exemption per statute. 



(New) Underground irrigation pipe is now taxable personal property and must be reported on your personal property return. 

Personal Property includes machinery and equipment, regardless of the degree of attachment to real property used directly in commercial, manufacturing or processing activities conducted on real property.   Example: Underground pipe used to irrigate agricultural or horticultural land is tangible personal property for property assessment purposes. This is true whether the personal property is owned or leased.  Personal property includes any item of property that is placed upon or affixed to real property for the sole purpose of carrying on a trade or business.  Example: irrigation pumps.  Personal Property does not become part of or constitute capital improvements to the real property. 



Please review the enclosed schedule and make any necessary changes.  You must also include a copy of your Federal Depreciation Schedule, Tax Asset Detail, or Expense Sheet with your Personal Property Schedule.  If you have applied for an extension on your Federal Income Tax Return you must still file your personal property return no later than May 1.  You can provide us a copy of your Depreciation schedule, Tax Asset Detail or Expense Sheet once your income tax is completed. 

The reason we ask for your Depreciation Schedule, Tax Asset Detail, or Expense Sheet is to assure that everyone is being treated fairly.  If you don’t have your Federal forms due to a late filing, you will need to fill in anything purchased in 2015.  Once we receive your Federal forms, we will match it against your Personal Property Schedule.  Any differences in value or equipment may result in a penalty, so please make sure that your figures are correct when you fill out your Personal Property Schedules.  **If you have sold or traded a piece of equipment, cross through it and specify whom you sold/gifted it to

Make sure that these items are removed from your Federal forms.  Per State Statue the Assessor’s Office has the right to subpoena your records for Federal forms.  If you do not file a Federal form, please note this on your Personal Property Schedule.

For those who traded equipment, the value used on the Personal Property Schedule is the cost less trade plus any remaining Federal adjusted basis in the property being traded in.

****** If you no longer have Personal Property to list on this form please Sign and return with a zero value.  Please contact our office with any questions or concerns.   


Homestead Exemptions 

If you received a homestead last year your preprinted form should get to you by February 8.  They are due on or before June 30.  We will be in Bladen, Blue Hill and Guide Rock to assist you in filling out your homestead applications.  If you are unable to attend but would like us to come to you home please call the office at 402-746-2717 prior to the date that we will be in your community.  If that date does not work for you but you still need us to come to your home please call the above number.

Blue Hill: March 22nd at Blue Hill City Building from 9:00 - 12:00
Guide Rock: Wednesday March 23 at Guide Rock Community Center from 1:00 to 2:00
Bladen: March 24th at KO Bar from 12:30 to 2:00